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Superb Glass Sculptures by Nina Casson McGarva That Are Inspired by The Natural World


British artist Nina Casson McGarva creates stunning glass sculptures inspired by nature. Her work explores how nature can be interpreted and represented through glass.

Nina draws parallels between the life cycle of nature and the transformation of glass. She finds glass most vibrant and full of potential in its molten state, reflecting nature’s constant change. Once the glass cools, it captures a moment in time, embodying nature’s fragility and impermanence.

Creating these intricate sculptures involves working with hot, malleable glass in an open kiln. Nina carefully shapes the glass, allowing it to reveal its final form organically. The finished pieces are dynamic forms and rich textures, echoing nature’s diversity.

“These pieces are made with the traditional process of kiln casting technique in the first firing then I put the glass back in the kiln and shape them by hand. pushing the limits of how much you can bend and stretch kiln cast glass.”

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