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An Artist Has Created A Giant Mosaic Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles Depicting Vincent Van Gogh’s Famous Painting ‘The Starry Night’

Photo by Yueh-Hua Lee

A giant mosaic made from recycled plastic bottles depicting Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting The Starry Night is to be unveiled in Keelung’s Embrace Cultural and Creative Park, Northern Taiwan.

h/t: taipeitimes

Photo by Yueh-Hua Lee

The mosaic, named The Starry Paradise, covers 53 hectares and is expected to set a new Guinness World Record as the largest of its kind.

Photo by Yueh-Hua Lee

The project is almost complete and the artist responsible for its creation has received more than 4 million recycled plastic bottles in donations, the park management said.

Photo by Yueh-Hua Lee

Finding the plastic bottles to create The Starry Paradise was a trying experience, said Wang Cheng-wei, the designer and overseer of the piece, who is also a lecturer at the National Changhua University of Education and a renowned sculptor involved in many public art projects.

Photo by Yueh-Hua Lee

The installation cost 90 million Taiwan dollars (2.5 Million Euro) that aims to promote environmental protection. The bottles were donated by recycling centers as well as individuals, and for every 10 bottles that were received, the park donated NT$1 to the Canlove Social Service Association, a charity that aims to help people with depression, Wang said.

Photo by Shulin Lu

“The project focuses on the concepts of healing and art, while serving as a charity that addresses environmental concerns,” park spokesperson Jeffrey Wang said.

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

“This project is a dialogue between Vincent van Gogh and me,” Wang Cheng-wei said.

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

“It has different visual effects in daytime when the grass under the mosaic forms a contrast with the arrangement’s colors, while at night LED lights illuminate the places where stars are in Van Gogh’s composition,” the artist said.

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

Photo by Jo-Jing Advertising

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