Artist Shows The ‘Unseen’ Side Of Popular Characters And People Are Saying It Looks Just Wrong

Do you like pop culture, dark humor, the occasional pun, and having your childhood ruined? You’re about to find out⁠—once you see these illustrations by Chicago illustrator Alex Solis, you won’t be able to unsee them.

In his series “Unpopular Culture,” Solis digs a little too deep into what’s under popular character designs.

“This new series I created more so as a fun project to view the unpopular side of pop culture,” he says. “I wanted a ‘reveal’ type of series, so the user also feels like they’re a part of the series, with some interaction to the reveals.”

Solis’ website Oddworx also features books, figurines and merch from his previous projects, like “Unmasked,” comparing characters who can be traced back to similar fiction tropes.

More: Alex Solis, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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