Incredible Street Art Murals By David ‘Meggs’ Hooke

David “MEGGS” Hooke is an Australian fine and street artist whose progressive work blends text and symbolism alongside color, design, and illustration. He created the mural at the end of his five-week residency at the Inner State Gallery as an homage to the city that welcomed and inspired him.

MEGGS’ use of deteriorating signage and locally sourced materials from the city’s abandoned and forgotten places — as shown in the images further down — emphasizes the revival of social pillars, such as community, and the idea that destruction and decay breed new beginnings.

MEGGS was but a young man when he would find inspiration and fun in sci-fi movies, cartoons, and even skateboarding. Today, as a mature artist, MEGGS creates beautiful pieces of art with a combination of clean, bold, illustrative elements with a free-flowing design.

The artist strongly believes that the “journey is the reward,” and his body of work reflects the eternal research for the perfect balance between form and abstraction, order and chaos. MEGGS aims to pour in this philosophy into every work of art he creates.


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