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Twin Strangers Help Irish Woman Find Identical Stranger From Sweden


They say that there are about seven people in the world that look exactly like you. Most likely you haven’t met any of them. But, for Sara and Shannon, this rarity became a reality.


About a month ago, Sara joined to see if she could find anyone that looked like here. Before long, she found Shannon and the two planned a trip to meet up.


Sara said that her friends actually thought the picture of Shannon was her after she discovered Shannon online. Once they connected, the two agreed to meet up in Dublin, where Shannon is from, for a twin-fueled vacation.


When the two saw each other for the first time, it was a surreal experience.

Shannon recalled the experience by stating, “I gave her a hug and then we just stood there like, ‘Oh my god, this is so weird’.”


She continued, “Our noses, our eyes… we have the exact same ears… lips, expressions, pout, smile… it’s just weird.”


I mean, if you met someone that looked exactly like you, how would you feel? Regardless, it’s pretty cool to see that dopperlgangers are uniting all over the world, confusing the hell out of people one twin at a time.


See also, ‘Total Strangers Who Could Actually Be Identical Twins


h/t: mashable, thechive, dailymail

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