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Craftsman Michael Plichta Created this Incredible Globe of Planet Mars

Photo credits: Christoph Hoehmann

Look, we all have seen a globe on more than a few occasions. Recently we got a look at the art of globe making, which was certainly interesting. Today however, the typical globe gets reworked into something unique and quite amazing by Michael Plichta. This unique and rather eye-catching design is artist, eye-catching and one of a kind, rocking a 12-inch Mars globe showing the famous mars canal map by Percival Lowell.

Photo credits: Christoph Hoehmann

This traditionally handcrafted globe Shows the historical map by astronomer Percival Lowell. Lowell believed that the fine dark lines were irrigation canals built by a supposed intelligent civilization on Mars.

Photo credits: Christoph Hoehmann

The iconic and legendary map is brought to life on the 12-inch globe in stunning detail, which adds a new element to the world of globes. The design features uncanny design, all hand made and in stunning fashion, making for something not only one of a kind, but certainly a conversation starter! Check out the design in the images, and the short video below and speak your mind on it after the jump.

Photo credits: Christoph Hoehmann

In his famous book “Mars and Its Canals” from 1905, Lowell published the mars canal map.

Photo credits: Christoph Hoehmann

Everything is handmade. Here the paper segments (so-called “gores”) are Hand applied onto a perfect sphere build out of plaster of paris. Mounting the cutted paper gores onto the plaster sphere is a delicate step. I practiced this step over and over for more than a year to have a perfect result.

Photo credits: Christoph Hoehmann

Drawing latitudinal lines on a 12″ sphere with a compass.

Via Bored Panda, StupidDope

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