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Cleveland Artist Creates a Giant Portrait of Donald Trump Using Thousands of Dildos

Cleveland artist Stephen Manka has created a portrait of President Donald Trump using 2,020 metal sex toys.

The portrait, currently constructed in a studio, measures 12 by 20 feet. Manka launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise money for the project, ultimately aiming to create a touring installation that would stop by Washington D.C., Wisconsin and Dallas ahead of the November presidential election, using the hashtag #DildoDon.

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Manka stated in his Kickstarter page that, at one point, he acquired more than 3,000 pounds of metal sex toys that slated to be melted down.

“Most of them are super funny, some are really strange. Others are awfully filthy from sitting on the industrial shelves of a … manufacturer for 40 odd years,” Manka stated in his Kickstarter description. “Anyhow, the question I have been faced with over the past three years is what to do with these wonderful artifacts?”

Originally, Manka planned to create a zen garden with the sex toys, he said. Then, he tried selling them on Etsy and was suspended from the website.

“Then an idea struck, a huge sculpture of Trump. I must admit, I was slow to see the possibilities, mostly not wanting to think more about the metal (sex toys) and then to have to think about Trump. No thank you,” he wrote in the Kickstarter description. “But the more I circled and considered what could be created, the deeper I was committed to creating it.”

The finished touring portrait will weigh more than two tons, the Kickstarter description states.

Manka’s other works are decidedly less strange, and easily spotted around Cleveland. His public light sculptures are featured around RTA stops and sidewalks around the city.

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