Soapbox Racers by Alan Powdrill

Pitstop. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

“This summer I photographed the daredevil ‘Soapbox Racers‘ and their homemade gravity powered machines, all taking part at a London Redbull event. In a nutshell they’re thrown down a very steep hill doing their best to navigate a course and stay in one piece at the same time. They reach some serious speeds matched by some serious spills, creating a go-cart graveyard at the bottom of the hill.”, says photographer Alan Powdrill.

Royals. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

“Some very creative imagination went into the machines and team outfits and getting them to pose was no bother with them eager to show off their labour of love creations. One of my favourites are the Pit Stop crew, based on that classic kids programme Wacky Races, who’s star Penelope Pitstop drove a ‘Compact Pussycat’ car. They made the long trip from Aberdeen to London to compete, showing some serious dedication, and Pussycat power.”

Police Mob. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

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Space. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

Dragon. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

Plane. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

Laurel and Hardy. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

Star Wars. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

Trains. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

Supermarket. Photo © by Alan Powdrill

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