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Photographer Took His Drone To Capture How People Are Dealing With Quarantine

Accrording to a photographer Adas Vasiliauskas: “I took my drone and photographed people in their homes through their windows and terraces. It’s a 100% zero-human-contact way to see how people are going crazy during quarantine times.

When Lithuania went under quarantine, all my photography jobs in advertising were canceled, events postponed or canceled, and I was sitting without any job and thinking, “what the heck is going on and how can I solve this puzzle?” Eventually, I knew that I needed to photograph something interesting, but this social distance thing was a tricky thing. At first, I thought of offering to shoot people with a telephoto lens, but then I remembered I use a drone in my wedding photography and the drone is a totally zero-human-contact way to capture things. I shot a few of my friends, the photos gained a lot of likes, and the project took off.

I started this project to give people a chance to brighten their day in this negative corona information environment. I believe that these funny photos remind everyone that sitting quarantined at home can be fun too. And, of course, to remind everybody that you need to keep your social distance during these times.”

More: Adas Vasiliauskas, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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