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Faces Of Quarantine: While In Isolation, The Turkish Photographer Started Taking Pictures Of Faces Around Him

According to a photographer Burak Bulut Yıldırım: “Before Covid-19, I was a portrait& advetorial photographer based in Istanbul and I held various portrait – fashion photography workshops for photographers. I m also Sony Alpha Europe Imaging Ambassador. In the last 15 years, almost every day has passed by taking portrait photographs or editing them, until this March.. First, let me show you a few examples of what I was doing before the Corona.”

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“Today is May of 6 2020, I have been staying at home for the last 50 days! I have never been so far from taking portraits of people. Sometimes, when I dream away about at home, there are faces that I come across. These faces sometimes smile to me, sometimes they judge me because of my thinking. I could not stay away from taking portraits, and I started to take portraits of my surprise friends looking at me from somewhere every day. Faces of Quarantine.”

“While researching on the internet before I shared this article, I came across Turkish this article in Bilim Fili Website. This part of the article was interesting, let me share it with you: “The emotional states of neurotic people are more ups and downs than others. And this may make them more likely to see meaningful weaves that do not actually exist. Just as some mood states may increase the tendency to see some weaves. Dr. Kitagawa says”People with high levels of positive mood score are more likely to create meaningful integrations in the visuals of dots.” My friends who have a high level of positive emotion score, (I hope so :)) Do you see such faces in your Quarantine house?”

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