Photographer Anna Ulman Captures the Dramatic Beauty of Dance in Dynamic Portraits of The Dancers

Based in Marbella, Spain, Anna Ulman organically fits the figures into charming cobbled streets and coastlines. Sometimes, dancers mix with the urban environment, and in other cases, they wear their swimsuits and pointe and go to the beach. Sand becomes part of the dance, flashing in the air when the ballerina throws her hair back – a great effect.

More: Anna Ulman, Instagram

“One day I saw a photo on the Internet, where the ballerina was dancing in the middle of the street. I was amazed at the flexibility of her body and her graceful movements. And I realized that if we combine our photography skills with the talent of the ballerina together, we will have endless opportunities for creativity,” she said.

Considering this genre of photography interesting and fascinating, Ullmann approaches his images with some layout, but leaves room for spontaneity.

“I always try to plan my photography in advance, but the best ideas usually come to me unexpectedly,” she admits. “Each dancer is unique and they all inspire me with different ideas.”

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