Woman Born Without Legs Defies Beauty Stereotypes as a Model


Meet Kanya Sesser, a gorgeous 23-year-old lingerie model from California who is earning more than $1,000 (£650) a day from her work. Kanya was also born without legs. She was adopted from an orphanage in Thailand when she was just five-years-old and taken by her new family to Portland, Oregon.


Kanya is redefining beauty stereotypes and breaking down the barriers of the modelling world by proving that just because she is different, it doesn’t mean she isn’t sexy.


Now, this bombshell combines her modelling career with motivational speaking and her passion for sports — she’s currently training for the 2018 Winter Paralympics.


“It’s something fun and it shows my story — I’m different and that is sexy, I don’t need legs to feel sexy” – Kayna Sesser


“I enjoy making money from it and I love showing people what beauty can look like. These images show my strength.”

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