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This Digital Russian Artist Serves Fantasies Of Spontaneity In His Crazy 3D Visuals

Emojis, loud colors, celestial vibes, and Baby Yoda… all these and more can be appreciated with Brickspacer, a visual whiz, and innovator.

What makes russian artist Stepan Khristoforov (aka Brickspacer) so alluring is the spirit of spontaneity that is engraved in its very identity. He takes elements like graffiti and frames it into a gutsy creation that bears the ingenuity of a new kind of perspective. This can be seen with a stunningly built image of an obscured statue spray-painted with some pink graffiti as it stands tall among the data swirls of a hi-tech tornado. Viewers can gawk at fierce images of a green apple becoming the next potential iPhone, scenes of floor to ceiling lights dancing in shapes, and a nebula of emojis mutating before your very eyes.

More: Instagram h/t: visualatelier8

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