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An Artist Has Completely Documented Her Two Years Of Travel By Painting In Moleskine Notebook


According to artist, Missy Dunaway: “For nine years I have painted in Moleskine journals with acrylic ink. Each page is a painting of a landscape or memory embellished with handwritten descriptions. I combined my two most recent journals into one book entitled ‘Standing in Asia’, ‘Looking at Europe’, ‘Thinking of New York’.”

h/t: boredpanda


“One hundred illustrations guide viewers through a journey beginning in 2013 when I moved from New York City to Istanbul for one year, followed by several months spent in villages in central Turkey and Morocco. Along the way the artwork explores broader themes of memory, nostalgia, and the blending of one’s inner world with the external world. ”


“Selected pages are featured in ‘A World of Artist Journal Pages’ by Dawn DeVries Sokol, published in 2015. The journals are also the focus of my blog, which was recommended by Tumblr’s editors in 2015 and attracts thousands of viewers every week.”


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