Tattooing Freckles On Your Face Is The New Beauty Craze, And They Look Surprisingly Beautiful


Ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Hey, I really want to cover my face with tattoo freckles?” No? Well, me neither, but as you can see from the pictures below, a lot of other people clearly have.

Freckle tattoos, otherwise known as “freckling”, seem to be quite a big thing these days, and even though the idea of cosmetic tattooing isn’t exactly new (eyebrow tattoos anybody?), people seem to like these tiny ink freckles because of their semi-permanent nature. Although they look quite obvious at first, they gradually fade to look more natural over the course of a few months, and they apparently disappear completely after about two years.

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?? Anoche me "tatué" algunas pecas (yo misma)! Sin máquina de tatuaje, método manual y sin NADA de dolor. Se aclaran en color al sanar! Menos es más, así siempre se puede agregar más a gusto. Es método semi permanente por lo que se borran en 1 año a prox. Para los que no saben estoy Certificada en Microblading y tengo experiencia en tiendas de Tattoo como asistente. Me encantaron!! Y espero poder comenzar a trabajar nuevamente cuando mis labores de madre me lo permitan! #tatuajecosmetico #pecastatuadas (ps: Si no le gusta, ahorre su opinion para usted. Los comentarios negativos seran borrados y bloqueados. Gracias) //………………………………………………….// ??"Tattooed" some freckles on myself last night! Hand method, no machine, no pain AT ALL! Super fast. Let's see how they heal. Less is always more, so you can always add more in the future. They will fade in lighter color as they heal. For those who don't know, I'm a certified Microblading artist and I got years experience working in tattoo shop as assistant also. Hopefully I can start working again soon!! When my #maternityduties let me!! #handmethod #cosmetictattoo #tattooedfreckles #pmu (ps: negative comments will be erased. If you dont like it, save your opinion for yourself or will be blocked. Thank you)

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HEALED brows and freckles on my babe @drewlinden ✨

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