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When Your Daughter Has To Wear An Eye Patch Every Day, You Make The Most Of It


When Layla’s parents found out that she’d have to wear an eye patch every day for a couple hours every day, they tried to make the most of it by turning it into something fun and each time. It started as a game, and then grew into a creative project documenting Layla’s different patch styles on Instagram.

h/t: viralforest

Celebrating the new year!

Layla has to wear her patch for a few hours everyday until she is about 4 years old. The reason is to help address a cataract. Whether it works or not, one thing is for sure: she has some awesome parents! It’s little things like this that can make the difference between a hardship and something to look forward to. At this age, that means everything… Layla is such a lucky girl!

Retro Apple Logo

It’s Back to the Future Day!

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

Googley eyes were requested…

…And Big Googley Eyes Were Delivered!

Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Just a Zergling

Tiny and Toony and a Little Loony!

Even Wonder Woman Has Bad Days Sometimes

Best Friends

Can’t wait for the new Star Wars!

When you wish upon a paper airplane…

Celebrating Earth Day

Spaceship from Firefly

Her favorite Simpson’s character

Having fun with Emoji’s

My precious…

Clever Girl

Jedi Master!

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