During The Pandemic, This Artist Decided To Start Making Portraits Of Her Cat, Later Turned Into A Calendar

The Big Lebooski – February

Kathryn Evans is a scenic artist for Robot Chicken. Kathryn currently lives in Pasadena, CA with her cat and the inspiration for her art, Booboo. Boo is a senior kitty living in Southern California. His adventurous spirit & amusing antics serve as inspiration for his mom, artist Kathryn Evans.

Proceeds from the sales of The Many Lives of Boo calendar are donated to local cat rescues to help less fortunate kitties live out their dreams.

More: The Many Lives of Boo h/t: boredpanda

The Boo Boy – Cover 2021 Calendar

“A couple of years ago, I misread an email from my vet saying that Boo would likely develop Chronic Feline Kidney Disease within 2 years. I mistakenly thought that he had two years left to live. He was 16 at the time, and I have never had a cat live that long, so I figured I would spoil him rotten during his last time on earth.

I considered the time he went missing for a couple of weeks while I was traveling back east to see family and friends. After posting flyers in the neighborhood, I found out that he visited several neighbors on a regular basis, for additional breakfasts, lunch, and second dinners.

This made me wonder about his many other lives… When I got laid off during the pandemic, I had time to paint the following images. I had enough to make them into a calendar for 2021. The calendar even got on the national news! The 2022 calendar is almost ready for printing.

Feel free to leave a comment to suggest new Boo portraits, like “Boo Hefner” or “Boorak OBooma” (those are in consideration for the 2023 calendar.)”

Boodha – June

Cannonboo – July

Boo Ross – September

Booie Xiv – January

Boodini – March

David Booie – April

Boobeard – October

Oboo Wan Kenoboo – May

Boogatti – November

Liboorace – December

Booplane – August

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