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Spectacular Street-Winning Photos From The 2024 reFocus Color Photography Awards

Gold: Dancing with the gigant of the hell by Antonio Flores
Refocus Street Photography Awards 01

The 2024 reFocus Color Photography Awards have honored outstanding achievements in street photography, showcasing vibrant and dynamic images from across the globe. Renowned for their focus on color and composition, these awards attracted submissions from photographers who captured the essence of urban life in unique and creative ways.

The reFocus Color Photography Awards celebrate not only technical skill and aesthetic excellence but also the emotional and narrative power of street photography. These images are recognized for their ability to transcend the ordinary, offering viewers a glimpse into the extraordinary moments that shape everyday city life.

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Silver: Childhood by Nicolas Sebag
Refocus Street Photography Awards 02

Bronze: Crisscross by Nicolas Sebag
Refocus Street Photography Awards 03

People’s Vote Award: Fun in motion by Thalita May
Refocus Street Photography Awards 04

Sarajevo Waves by Armin Graca
Refocus Street Photography Awards 05

Side, Newcastle At Dusk by Andrew Pounder
Refocus Street Photography Awards 06

Streets of Florence at Sunset by Nicky Gennburg
Refocus Street Photography Awards 07

Seizing the Block by Jared Plante
Refocus Street Photography Awards 08

Untitled by Dean Lhospital
Refocus Street Photography Awards 09

Two Birds by Zili Zhang
Refocus Street Photography Awards 10

Two Shadows on Red by Zili Zhang
Refocus Street Photography Awards 11

City of Smile by Emy Maike
Refocus Street Photography Awards 12

Two Monks, Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal by Matt Sievers
Refocus Street Photography Awards 13

Los Angeles by John Scheibe
Refocus Street Photography Awards 14

Unexpected Caller at the House of Clouds by Lawrence Russ
Refocus Street Photography Awards 15

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