Hilarious Comics Reveal The Dark Side Of Animals

Cale, the cartoonist behind the Things In Squares, says his animal drawings are disturbing, yet trying to be sweet at the same time. They show that just like humans, animals can be competitive, try to impress one another, run away from problems by getting high, and so on.

More info: Things In Squares, Facebook, Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

“Animals have three key attributes that lend themselves well to comics,” Cale told Bored Panda. “They are cute and people can relate. Second, they are innocent so i can give them character like painting a blank canvas. Third, they are diverse, and it becomes fun to imagine them in anthropomorphic roles.”

The illustrator adds: “Many of my animals, like the bunnies, are based on my childhood stuffed animals, not the animals themselves.” “My comics are strange. The humor and delivery is very diverse from comic to comic, but the style is consistent”.

“I publish at least two new comics per week, each accompanied by a poem when you hover over the image”. The artist says his drawings can be insightful – but “only if you can filter the absurd”.

Cale loves what he is doing, as it combines his three greatest passions: webcomics, web-design, and humor.

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