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KLM Airlines Transformed An Airplane Into An Apartment, And It’s Beautiful


By now, almost everyone has spent a bit of time browsing AirBNB. You may not always be able to get away and plan a holiday because it’s not the right time of year, or you have too much work, but just browsing the site can be a whole ton of fun. There are often many vibrant and creative spaces to choose from, and some are just so impressive, beautiful, and eclectic that we just have to share them with you.


From out of the Netherlands comes a converted and spacious airplane apartment courtesy of KLM Airlines. Unfortunately, this was only temporary and was for a contest (and publicity). However, one can still appreciate the beauty and creativity involved in this unique space.


It’s stylish with a spacious cabin offering a feel far closer to a chic European apartment rather than a modern flying machine.


Via Marvelous

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