Family Leaves Husky For 3 Hours, Dog Redesigns The Apartment – Design You Trust

Family Leaves Husky For 3 Hours, Dog Redesigns The Apartment

Who said interior design is not for dogs? One Husky decided to prove the doubters wrong as soon as his owners went out to the movies. In only 3 hours, the aspiring artist turned the whole apartment into his canvas. The pooch released his inner artist by inking his paws and turning the floors (and anything else that got in the way!) into a giant piece of art. The artist even left his signature on the bed to prove the authorship. Although his new design had to be cleaned up by his humans, we hope that one day his artistry will be recognized.

More info: Imgur (h/t: boredpanda)

As explained by the acquaintance of the dog’s owners who brought his masterpiece to attention, the husky used “traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice” which is “100% bio and non-toxic to dog or human.”

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