Dad’s First Motorcycle Restored As Father’s Day Gift


Joonas Torim, the designer from Estonian furniture company Oot-Oot Stuudio, made an incredible surprise to his father for this year’s Father’s Day. Restored to 99% authenticity, the story of the motorcycle K-125M from the year of 1954 is wonderful.


The soon to be 62-years-old motorcycle was bought by Joonas’s grandfather in the year 1964 from a well-known Estonian astronomer and it was his first ever engined transport device. The documents show that the vehicle of a young family was actively in use for 4-5 years (the kilometrage was approx 4000 km).


From the grandfather, the bike went to Joonas’s father and his brother. The adventures, exploring trips, memories – the K-125M has seen it all. Due to change of time, habits and lifestyle the motorcycle was left behind. Joonas found it at the corner of an old garage covered with dust and in bad condition.


Knowing how important the motorcycle is to his grandfather and father, Joonas got a brilliant idea to restore the vehicle to original situation and make a wonderful Father’s Day surprise for them. After finding the master for doing it, Kaarel Libe from Phoenix Motorcycles Estonia, the process took off. The 2-year restoration process was finished for this year’s Father’s Day and the gift was handed over.


To find all the right parts many Estonian vehicle collectors and hobbyist were visited and all kinds of sheds and garages were searched through. The motorcycle is restored to 99% authenticity which is the best possible result.


“This motorcycle is going to be a reminder of a certain period of our family’s life. It is unbelievable that and old vehicle can bring back to life events from 50 years ago!” – Joonas’s grandfather was astonished.


Via Bored Panda, Oot-Oot

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