iWalkers: Council Recruits Men with TVs Strapped Above Their Heads to Walk the Streets and Warn Public Not to Break Covid Lockdown Rules

East News Press Agency

A council have recruited men with TVs strapped above their heads to walk the streets to police lockdown. The bizarre move saw staff and volunteers pound the streets of Bradford, Yorkshire, with TVs, which weigh 18lbs and have a 19inch screen, hoisted on their shoulders.

h/t: dailymail

Gomo Digital

Bradford Council announced the ‘iWalkers’ scheme this week but due to public backlash it has been forced to delete a Facebook post detailing its plans.

Gomo Digital

Pictures show a man using a backpack to lift a monitor roughly one-foot above his shoulders. It revealed the scheme had been funded by the Government and two ‘iWalkers’ hit the streets for two days. Locals were left stunned by the initiative and slammed the authority for frittering away taxpayers’ cash.

Gomo Digital

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