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Car Drivers Need To Beware Of The Barnacle


An American firm called Ideas That Stick has come up with a brutal way of punishing people who don’t obey parking laws. They’ve invented a device called the Barnacle which sticks to the windshields of cars with 750 pounds of force. The device is currently being tested but it could mean big trouble for anyone with unpaid parking tickets.

More info: Ideas That Stick


City of Fort Lauderdale in Florida wanted to try the “Barnacle” partly out of concern for the well-being of its parking enforcers. “Since the ‘Barnacle’ can be installed on the front window of a vehicle from the safety of a sidewalk or curb, officers do not have to kneel down on the street, often with their backs to traffic, as they do with a boot device,” says city spokeswoman Monique Damiano. “This significantly reduces the chances of our officers being struck by passing cars.”


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