The Personalized Datsun: 1976 280-Z Brochure


This eight-page brochure illustrates how the 280-Z has grown into the role of Grand Tourer: “More comfort, more luxury, more overall performance with all the traditions of the 240-Z and 260-Z updated, embellished, refined.”


The new 2,753-cc SOHC straight-six engine sported Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection and made 149 hp (170 hp by the old gross rating) and 163-lb.ft. of torque (177 gross), while the standard four-speed manual could be swapped for a three-speed automatic.


It’s interesting to remember that the 2+2 model was a true family-sized car, measuring a generous 185.4 inches in length over a 102.6-inch wheelbase, compared to the 280-Z’s 173.2- and 90.7-inch measurements. Neither represented a great bargain anymore, with prices ranging from $6,594 to $7,394, before adding options like air conditioning ($485); those MSRPs were the rough equivalent of today’s $27,500 and $30,840.

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