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Meet Nangua, A Very Rare (And Very Adorable) Bright Orange Baby Monkey

Photo: Taronga Zoo

This tiny monkey has just been born at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and he’s one of the rarest (and possibly cutest) baby monkeys in the world.

Photo: Taronga Zoo

Baby Nangua is a male Francois Iangur monkey. Although they used to live throughout China and Vietnam, due to habitat loss and poaching there’s just 2,000 left in the world.

This cheeky monkey gets his name,”Nangua”, from the Mandarin word for pumpkin –perfectly suited to this guy’s bright orange fur.

Photo: Taronga Zoo

The bright orange fur is thought to help adult monkeys identify their babies.

Photo: Taronga Zoo

According to zookeepers, Nangua has been receiving lots of attention from his female relatives since his birthday on November 7th.

Photo: Taronga Zoo

Nangua currently weighs about the same as an iPhone, but sadly he probably won’t go in your pocket (not without a fight, anyway).

Photo: Taronga Zoo

He’ll start turning black (and grow some impressive white sideburns) when he’s roughly a year old .

Photo: Taronga Zoo

But while he’s still teeny-tiny and adorable, we can watch this video of Nangua’s life so far and imagine him monkeying around our house.

Via Pulptastic, Mashable

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