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This Clothing Brand Started Selling Matching Sweaters For Dogs And Their Owners And They’re Adorable

While so many people are waiting for the winter to come for all of the festivities that happen during this season, let’s not forget the worst part of it — the cold weather. With the plummeting temperatures, everyone is starting to feel the chill and so are their dogs. It’s true that our smallest four-legged companions may not always be prepared for the cold, so it’s our duty to help them. And what’s a better way to do that than with adorable and warm dog sweaters? So when you’re out shopping for warmer clothes, don’t forget to grab some for your pet, too.

More: Missguided h/t: boredpanda

In case you didn’t know, the UK based clothing brand called Missguided has something to offer. The company sells cozy, knitted sweaters for humans and matching knits for their canines, too. Now you and your pet can both get through the cold months of winter in style.

The brand offers a few different styles such as a classic white knit, grey hooded cardigan and sleek beige turtleneck.

The similar dog sweaters come in three different sizes: small, for dogs such as Chihuahuas, Mini Dachsunds, Small Yorkies and other dogs of similar size; medium is for dogs that are similar in size to Jack Russell, Border Terriers, Yorkies, Mini Schnauzers, Small Pugs, Mini Poodles, Cavaliers, and Small Cocker Spaniels; large is for Large Westies, Large Cocker Spaniels, and Beagles.

Sadly, there are no options offered for dogs who are bigger than the ones listed.

The company also offers different styles of sweaters exclusively for the festive season.

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