Two Starving Dogs Left to Die Saved by Police. Their Transformation will Amaze You. – Design You Trust

Two Starving Dogs Left to Die Saved by Police. Their Transformation will Amaze You.


Back in July, Chicago Police Department found these two dogs in an abandoned building. They had been seriously neglected, were starving and near-death.


In the space of two months Emmy (brown) and Oscar (white) went from walking skeletons to healthy, happy dogs — thanks to the Trio Animal Foundation who gave them the love, care, and food they so desperately needed.


Emmy and Oscar were suffering from a multitude of starving-related problems, which meant they had to be put on a specially regulated diet.


Happily, Emmy was adopted by one of her vets. But Oscar is still looking for a home — could you give him one? If so, head over to the Trio Animal Foundation Facebook page.


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