Newly Divorced Man Gets Creative With His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress, And The Results Are Hilarious – Design You Trust

Newly Divorced Man Gets Creative With His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress, And The Results Are Hilarious


When Kevin’s wife left him, she took everything. Everything except her wedding dress that is. “What am I going to do with it?” Kevin Cotter asked the previous love of his life. “Whatever the f**k you want,” she replied.

After careful consideration and consultation with his family, he did what any newly-divorced, heart-broken man would do. He made the dress into a tent, Halloween costume, pasta strainer, dental floss, and 98 other things.

He documents his post-break up antics in his hilarious blog and book. A must-read for all you newly-divorced people out there and proof that there is life on the other side of marriage.

A month after his divorce, Kevin’s brother asked him to go hunting. Naturally, Kevin took the dress along. And so began the epic wedding dress saga.


Quite fitting.


Sumo or baby, you decide.


That scene from Titanic — without the trouble.


Newly single guy off to save the day.


“I call this one, ‘the sitting monkey by the lake’.”


Practical and versatile.


Perfect for those sunny days.


This was one of the less-inspired uses of the wedding dress.


The bustle holds up the end of the dress and keeps it from dragging the bathroom floor. Who says detail in a dress is not important?


“My body is a temple.”


This is a totally symbolic photo for what weddings signify.


Just chillin’.


Fun and frolics for one, please.


The break-up enabled Kevin to do the travelling he always wanted to do. And accommodation was cheap with his makeshift wedding dress tent.


The dress towed the SUV for over a mile.


Who would leave these two adorable men?


Standing on his ex’s wedding dress was really satisfying.


Kevin Cotter: Father, ex-husband, and zombie-bride extraordinaire.


“Can someone bring me a beer?”


So you see, wedding dresses are not just for weddings, they are for life.

Via Pulptastic

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