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Street Art Puts Leonardo DiCaprio And Hillary Clinton In Money-Laundering Machine

Sabo via The Hollywood Reporter

Provocative Los Angeles-based street artist Sabo has set his sights on Leonardo DiCaprio and Hillary Clinton, satirizing their respective charitable foundations and turning them into money-laundering enterprises in a series of new posters that have been put up in Los Angeles.

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Twitter / @unsavoryagents

Reports surfaced that DiCaprio’s foundation is alleged to have received donations from funds tied to a $3 billion Malaysian embezzlement scheme. Meanwhile, Clinton has been dogged by a steady stream of revelations that she allegedly used her position as Secretary of State to grant preferential treatment and special access to major Clinton Foundation donors.

Twitter / @unsavoryagents

Sabo — who has a history of lambasting liberal politicians and Hollywood actors with his art — let loose with his latest piece, which sees the heads of both DiCaprio and Clinton spinning around in stacked clothes dryers with $100 bills swirling all around them.

Sabo via The Hollywood Reporter

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