A Canadian Artist Is Transforming His Look with Extreme Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos to Fulfill His Dream of Becoming a Gothic Vampire – Design You Trust

A Canadian Artist Is Transforming His Look with Extreme Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos to Fulfill His Dream of Becoming a Gothic Vampire

Philip Royer, from Montreal, professionally goes by his creative name, London. He works as a tattoo, make-up, and performing artist. He’s had an “obsession with vampires” since childhood, finding their aesthetic “magnificent.”

“If I had to describe my style, I would say gothic.” But he has focused many of his modifications on resembling the bloodsucking creatures, as “they’re immortal.”

London has over 70% of his body tattooed and wants to become fully covered in ink. He’s had facial reconstruction surgery on his jaw and plans to get more extreme procedures in the future. London doesn’t regret any of the changes he has made to his body, saying that he finally felt “handsome” after getting his first facial tattoo.

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