20 Striking Portraits Which Gaze Right Into Your Soul


The first thing we always look at when we meet somebody is their eyes. They reflect a person’s feelings, emotions and mood. Even a single gaze captured by a photograph can reveal to you exactly what an individual is thinking and feeling in the depths of their soul.

Here are 20 outstanding portrait photographs which you simply can’t tear your eyes away from.

© Ryan Pendleton

© Fano / © Carly Hicks

© Darie C`

© Juliane Naumann


planeteinterdite / © Joel Santos

© Francesco Rizzato

© Sathis Ragavendran / © Nirrimi Joy Hakanson

© Réhahn

© Juan García

© Alessandro Bergamini

© Montyshot / © Maja Topcagic

© Jovana Rikalo

© Shushan Stepanian

© Benoit Paille

© Asim Arshad. h/t: brightside

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