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This Pet Dentist From Alaska Conquered The Internet With His Indescribably Cute Dogs


Dentists can be quite scary to most people, though we can never pinpoint the reason why. Maybe it’s because the sound of the drill or the fact that we’re in such a prone position as they work in our mouths and we never know what they’re going to discover.


But one man tries to sway those fears that dentists are people too and are still capable of fun.


One Alaskan dentist named Timothy, decided to take to his Instagram account and start showing what his personal life is like, and that includes a lot of pictures of puppies.


It’s obvious that he not only cares for his dogs, but that he absolutely adores them.


Every photo is a shot of happiness, filled with smiles, fun, and puppies playing in the snow.


How he gets many of these dogs to be so patient, evident by one dog carefully balancing a snowman on his head, is beyond us.


Some might say it’s due to his practice and having to be patient with his younger patients, but no matter his secret, there’s no way anyone could be scared of Timothy, who is also known as “Tim the Tooth Ninja.”


Those dogs are lucky enough to have all of that land to play on, too, as well as those inches of snow to romp around in.


Clearly, they don’t mind Timothy’s… unique choice of dress, or the fact that he got them to join in too.

h/t: heroviral, brightside


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