“Unusual Looking” Puppy Adopted By Family Who Didn’t Care About Her Scars

Image credits: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV

Disfigured animals usually have a harder time getting adopted from shelters, but this dog got “lucky.” Lisa the 10-week-old puppy was brought to the Humane Society Of Silicon Valley with scars all over her face and inflamed eyelids that required surgery. The shelter staff weren’t sure they could find a home for the pup, until Christine Doblar and her family walked in.

Image credits: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV

“My girls were freaking out the whole time that somebody else was going to take her,” Doblar told The Dodo. “She’s pretty funky looking [but she] has a wonderful, sparkling personality. The fact that she was going to each of us, and just as loving and exuberant with everyone she greeted … we looked at a few more dogs but nobody could compare to that.” The family went back the same day and adopted Lisa, who they renamed “Lucky.”

Image credits: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV

Image credits: Christine Doblar

Image credits: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV

Image credits: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV

Image credits: Christine Doblar

Via Bored Panda, hssv.org, thedodo

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