Internet In Real Life: This Small Italian Village Became A Web 2.0 Intervention Project – Design You Trust

Internet In Real Life: This Small Italian Village Became A Web 2.0 Intervention Project


Civitacampomarano is a small village in the province of Campobasso with just 400 souls, mainly elderly. In this village, rich in folk traditions, Internet is a partially unknown world: mobile phones have difficulty working and the data connection is practically nonexistent.


The provocative idea is to show that these virtual functions, considered by the vast majority of the population as necessary and essential to everyday life, also exist in the country, where the connection is hard to reach: this is a sort of Internet “in real life” able to demonstrate that in traditions and popular culture these instruments, in other ways, have always existed and have allowed people and families to have cultural exchanges, meeting at the bar and living the town’s streets.


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