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This Photographer Has Dreamed Of Going On Safari And Found A Way To Channel Her Dream In A Seriously Creative Way

If you think you are looking at stunning sunset safari photographs, think again. From a herd of elephants trailing the savanna at sunset to a crocodile hungrily engulfing a baby impala, amazingly these clever pictures are actually made using nothing but props, toy animals and vegetables. Julia Wimmerlin has always dreamed of going on safari and found a way to channel her dream in a seriously creative way.


Crocodile eats a lamb by a pool of arugula sprouts, chives, physalis, rosemary.


Elephant in front of coconut and ginger.


Elephant shadows on cat sand.

Photo by Julia Wimmerlin / Caters News

Giraffes walk past broccoli and cauliflower trees.


A heard of elephants and ginger trees.


Flamginoes on a back drop of coconut, tamarind and ginger.


Meerkats on a rosemary savannah.


An elephant with plants of parsley, rosemary, tamarind and coconut boulders.


Giraffes and a zebra in a moonlight clearing surrounded by broccoli and cauliflower foliage.


Leopard in a celery tree.

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