15 Exquisite Illustrations Which Sum Up Perfectly How Much We Love Our Pets


Pets always fill our home with a carefree, cheerful, and joyful atmosphere, and they don’t expect anything in return. They’re quite simply devoted to us, every day, all day. If you’ve ever been luck enough to own one, then you understand what unconditional love means. You know this feeling from all those times when you waited the whole day to come back home and stroke your cat or pet your dog.

So, we collected the 15 sweetest illustrations we could find which we think really show the incredible depth of love we have for our feline and canine friends. Go and hug your cat or dog right now! They deserve it.

h/t: brightside


That feeling that they love you and trust you unconditionally — that’s priceless.


You can play with these little guys for hours, and you won’t get bored at all.


You overcome troubled times together


You will never forget that day you met your best friend for the first time.


Your pet is always with you, at all times of the year.


They sleep on your chest or across your bed, always taking up the most space! But you don’t mind really.


No one else in the world cares about your pets more than you do and you know everything they get up to. Well, almost everything…


You’re willing to give them the best of the best — the best food and the best care.


All they really want is your attention, and you’re more than happy to oblige.


…not only during the day but also at night!


You know that your pet will never disappoint you.


Your love for them comes from the bottom of your heart.


No matter what happens in life, what mood you have, or where you are…You’ll always be the ideal friend to your pets.


You love these special friends for the rest of your life. And even if he leaves you one day, you’ll remember only the best moments you had with him.


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