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It’s The United States Of Air-Merica


Pilot Jassen Todorov from San Francisco spent three weeks flying across eight states in a 1976 Piper Warrior plane to capture the this shots – from deep craters in Arizona’s red desert and the swamps and wetlands in Florida and Louisiana, that look like they could be on alien planets, to freeways and stretches of suburban Texas.

El Paso, Texas at sunset.

Texas suburbs.

Slands in Northwestern Florida.

Large oil fields in Texas.

A new housing development in the Mojave desert, California. (Photo by Jassen Todorov/Caters News)

There are numerous very picturesque islands in Northwestern Florida.

The Florida Keys.

Texas wind turbines are massive.

Louisiana wetlands at sunset.

Florida Keys – some of them are connected by a network of highways and bridges, spanning 7 miles.

Louisiana wetlands.

Florida fields.

Islands in Northwestern Florida.

Marshlands/swamps Florida.

Freeways in Houston, Texas.

Massive oil refiner in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Jassen Todorov/Caters News)

Marshlands/swamps Florida.

Parts of Arizona look like Mars! Awesome craters in the middle of the red desert.

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