101 Best Picture Comparisons From Lilliput Or Chamberlain And The Beautiful Llama

Lilliput Magazine was founded in 1937 by the Hungarian photographer Stefan Lorant. It was a quirky magazine featuring some of the best artists and photographers of that age.

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Lorant was a photographer and film maker working in Vienna, Munich and Berlin before the second world war. He edited the Munich Illustrated News (Münchner Illustrierte Press) putting him against the emerging far right Nazi party in their homelands.

Opposed to Adolf Hitler, Lorant was imprisoned on the 13th March 1933 — right after Hitler came to power. The Nazis then took control of the Munich Illustrated News where famously they printed articles about favourable conditions in the Dachau camps for prisoners.

Released after six months, Lorant made his way to England, where he wrote ‘I Was Hitler’s Prisoner’, a memoir. He then found work in Britain where he established and edited the Weekly Illustrated in 1934 until he then founded Lilliput Magazine.

Some the best spreads of Lilliput’s history where made into a book called ‘101 Best Picture Comparisons From Lilliput or Chamberlain and the Beautiful Llama’. It was the art of using photos of narrative that was new and Lorant was one of the first people to use only photographs to tell a story without words.

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