Photographer Wakes Up At 5AM To Hike The Transylvanian Mountains And Capture Stunning Landscapes


Transylvania gets a bad rep, what with being the land of Vlad Dracula himself, and #1 destination for vampires. But Alex Robciuc still gets up at 5 AM to hike Transylvanian mountains and take amazing pictures of the scenic surroundings. The results are breathtaking and awe inspiring. The countryside is alive with all the colors of autumn. The mists hastily retreat from the rolling hills. Oh, what a feast for the eyes!


Of course, quality doesn’t come easy. “I like to use the rich morning and evening light for a dramatic effect.” Alex wrote in a post on Bored Panda “Waking up at 5 AM, searching for a view-point, waiting for the perfect light and finding an outstanding element in the landscape around me – that’s my perfect recipe for transposing my feelings and my mood into a simple photo.” His is choice of lighting conditions seems very fitting: what looks plain and stark in the harsh light of the midday, becomes soft and colorful with either first or last rays of the sun.


And still works as a conclusive proof that Alex is not, in fact, a vampire.

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