These Photos Of Children Fighting Monsters From Their Nightmares Are Adorable


Photographer Laure Fauvel has brought to life monsters that haunt children’s nightmares. Armed with sticks, wands and swords, the eight- and nine year-olds appear to be getting the upper hand against their foes.

h/t: theguardian

Charlotte uses a wand to take on a monster. (Photograph: Laure Fauvel/Barcroft Media)

Laure said: “I wanted the children not be victims and to fight the monsters.”

Christo aims a gun at a monster in his bedroom. (Photograph: Laure Fauvel/Barcroft Media)

Salome corners a monster in her bedroom. (Photograph: Laure Fauvel/Barcroft Media)

Sixtine fights a monster with her recorder in her bedroom. (Photograph: Laure Fauvel/Barcroft Media)

Oscar appears to be getting the better of an arachnid monster on the bottom bunk. (Photograph: Laure Fauvel/Barcroft Media)

Diego comes face to face with a monster. (Photograph: Laure Fauvel/Barcroft Media)

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