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15 Rare Photos Taken With The First Ever Kodak Photo Camera


Travel back some 126 years and it’s there you’ll find world’s first point and shoot camera. It was created by by George Eastman the inventor who founded the Eastman Kodak Company. The world’s first handheld camera initially cost $25 which in today’s climate is around $600 USD today – expensive, but not unreasonable.

Woman reading

Along with a price range aimed at the general population (and not just professional photographers) and the tidy slogan ‘You Press the Button, we Do The Rest’ Eastman’s camera empowered everyday individuals to photograph their lives, friends, family and memories.

Boy paddling in the sea

Here’s 15 amateur photographs first taken using the Kodak No 1. (in truth it was the second camera Kodak had released, as the first was given the generic name of the business itself) that have been preserved by the National Media Museum. They aren’t so different to the images we take using Instagram today, photographs of families, people at the beach and spending time with friends.

Girl looking in a rock pool

Two men on the deck of a ship

Woman in a rowing boat

Children paddling in the sea

Woman, boy and a pram


Woman at a market stall

Baby elephant at the zoo


Metropolitan railway steam locomotive


Children paddling in the sea

Kingsbury and Neasden station

Children walking with a wheelbarrow

Two young girls


Beach photographer

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