Photographer Mike Kelley Captures Air Traffic In A Way You’ve Never Seen Before


Mike Kelley is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, commercial spaces, as well as aerial and aviation photography. When he initially began the project two years ago, Kelley’s plan was relatively straightforward: fly to 10 or so cities around the globe and spend a day or two at each airport scouting the location, taking photos, and then off to the next destination. This plan worked well in Europe where the weather was consistent, but soon he faced the reality that seasonal weather in places like Japan was completely unpredictable. In Tokyo he left without a single usable photo after days of trying. Some cities he had to return to 2-3 times in hopes the weather would improve, and in other places it would take nearly a week to photograph enough planes to make an image.

More info: Mike Kelley (h/t: colossal)


“From hanging out of helicopters over the city of Los Angeles, camping out under the midnight sun to photograph the architecture of Iceland, or photographing the interior of a Pan-Am 747 to re-create iconic advertisements from the heyday of aviation, I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing personal projects all over the world,” he said.


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