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12 Zombie Style Family Portraits Render Any Family Photos You Have So Alive And Well Boring


Do you remember posing for family photos as a kid? The stiff collars, the forced smiles, the photographer from JC Penney who keeps trying to cheer you up with jokes even though, at only 7, you’re already way too old for that shit? Don’t you think you think that maybe — possibly — you would have had a better time had your parents considered the idea of soaking you in fake blood and letting you act like the zombie who’s slowly dismembering them?

As they say, we learn from the mistakes of the generations in front of us — at least, that’s what one couple did with their undead family portraits. Either that or they’re just very excited about Halloween.


Photographer Kelsey Otto takes photos of her sister’s family each year. The night before she was scheduled to shoot them this year, she had a dream. About zombies.


“When I woke up, I immediately called my sister, told her the idea and begged her to play along,” Otto told Babble. “They loved the [zombie] idea just as much as me and so we picked out the outfits at our local goodwill, bought some fake blood, and there you have it.”


There you have it, indeed. “It” being an entire family portrait session with her sister, brother-in-law and young nephews posing as zombies.


Via Babble, Jezebel

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