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18 Clever Digital Images Which Keep You Guessing


There is no need to put too many words on paper to write a crucial message. Elite advertising campaigns tend to provide a lot of value with just one simple phrase. This is what Manipula Art, a Brazilian creative production agency, does with its multi-disciplinary philosophy.


Using combined techniques, starting from plain photo retouching, CGI, moodboards and concept illustrations, Manipula art crafts images that wake you up, slap you across the face, make you jump from your chair, or just leave you contemplating of the deeper meaning behind digital adverts. A 200 m2 in-house studio based in Rio de Janeiro and the best photographic tools available might make their job easier on the surface. Yet, the minimalism of the campaign messages strikes the strongest chord.


How did the pelican get caught by its own catch? Don’t all mosquitos sound audio-amplified when you try to get a decent night’s rest? Robotic businessmen, a laughing monkey and a pierced tongue to get some fresh breath? How about the amphibian campaign for the Ecuador tourism?


And the best part is that this Brazilian ad agency knows how to laugh at its own account: a baby with a “like” sign instead of dummy will certainly give all of us if not a laugh, at least a tiny knot in the throat.


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