This Artist Creates Impressive Paintings By Using His Boxing Gloves

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

When he creates art work, Omar Hassan doesn’t get out paint brushes. He gets out his boxing gloves. Hassan, a 29-year-old artist and boxer, has combined his two passions, with the goal to bring the disciplines closer. Hassan, born in Milan to an Italian mother and Egyptian father, creates the works by dipping his glove in paint, and punching the canvas stretched over cardboard to keep it from breaking. He calls the series “Breaking Through Milano.” His paintings sell from 8,000 to 40,000 euros, which he calls “a great satisfaction, but not the goal”.

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP Photo

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