“Cybermancer”: The Superb 3D Digital Concept Artworks of Kirill Maksimchuk – Design You Trust

“Cybermancer”: The Superb 3D Digital Concept Artworks of Kirill Maksimchuk

Kirill Maksimchuk is an art director, digital artist, motion designer based in Kaliningrad, Russia. Has been contracted for Nike, Google, Mercedes, Samsung, Bayer, Macallan and other companies. His projects have been listed in the modern design trends. Has several dozens of awards in the following categories: digital art, motion design, illustration. Was a guest jury at the London Digital Art Exhibition “Digital Decade 5” in 2017. Took part in the Australian festival “Pause Fest 2019” as a guest motion designer. Korean Museum of Modern Art in Seoul exhibited the projects twice.

More: Instagram, Behance, Rarible, Foundation, KnownOrigin

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