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Breaking Stereotypes Of Beauty: Fine Art Photographer Takes Stunning Portraits Using Clear Water


Michal Zahornacky is a visual artist working with photography and the human figure. He is currently based in Slovakia.

As a photographer, he tends to promote an artistic approach to each genre he focuses on. He sits his work somewhere near the thin line between reality and fiction. In recent years, he has been inspired by topics such as identity, dynamics, traditions or the body.

Michal’s photographs are strong and focused, with few details pointing towards specific thought or emotion. Through his unique use of light and shading, the pieces create structure and emphasize the beauty of his subject. The photographs are driven by his fascination with the human body. The photography plays with the viewer’s expectations, letting the viewer wonder or simply absorb.

More: Michal Zahornacky, Instagram h/t: boredpanda


“In my photo series Curves, I am displaying another, original look of portrait photography. It goes beyond the classical beauty and prefers an abstract art image of the photographed model. I try to distort the perfect symmetry of the shape so that the final portrait will look at first like an abstract painting.

In my more recent and abstract photo ideas, I am questioning the viewer’s perception of aesthetics and encouraging them to find beauty in abstract imperfection, which is so unique and rare in current media.

The curvature of the image is achieved by using the physical properties of water. The surface of all water is curved. The water in motion creates irregular curves of the object. It can move, curve, reflect.

With my creative ideas, I break the perfection and create unique abstract underwater portraits aiming to show that even imperfection can be beautiful. I was inspired by famous as well as modern painters, who create beautiful paintings and are not afraid to break classic portrait rules. I wanted to bring that to my underwater photography series. I find excitement in the creative process as the possibilities of water curvature are endless.

The project won 2nd place in 2019 FineArt Photography Awards, abstract category. You can also find the photographs in Vogue Best of and Photo of the Day gallery.” – Michal Zahornacky


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