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These 13 Satirical Cartoons Depict The Disturbing Reality Of Modern-Day Society

The Soldier’s Future

This is a satirical representation of the modern day World, through the eyes of Petry and Crisan, a Romaninan cartoonist duo.

h/t: boredpanda, trueactivist

True Love

“These cartoons represent our views on relevant topics, such as war or politics, and people sins, like immorality and shallowness. Even though our work has been acclaimed by the art community and won many prizes, our main goal is to bring attention to touchy subjects.” – said Crisan to Boredpanda.

The Bible, Corrected By God


The Cure For Stupidity

The Opening Ceremony Of Life

Two Prisoners

The Revolutionary’s “Victory”

The Grandmaster

Doctor or Veterinary? Both!

The Politican’s Future

The Truth About Original Sin

The Brain

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