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First Look: Google’s New, More Subdued Headquarters


Google’s much-hyped new campus has a somewhat new look After the City of Mountain View limited the buildable space, the tech company was forced to reduce the overall size of the complex. The overarching concept remains intact—a micro “city” of buildings lined by bike paths, outdoor walkways, and gardens—but, like many ambitious projects, it’s had to make some concessions when the reality of regulations sets in.

h/t: fastcodesign, thenextweb


The new design will top out at 600,000 square feet, with 45,000 square feet of interior landscaping and nearly 20,000 square feet of public walkways. Moreover, the canopy covering the complex—originally reminiscent of Frei Otto’s Tensed structures — is now opaque.


Two things are certain: It’s still a gorgeous building and the design is still in the preliminary phases so more change is likely to come as it moves through the planning and permitting process. A full PDF of the design can be found over at Mountain View’s planning website.


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